Kings County Jerky


Superior Beef: 100% grass-fed & pasture-raised, free from added hormones or antibiotics

Natural Ingredients: No corn syrup, nitrites, MSG, or artificial additives – just pure, honest flavors

Artisanal Crafting: We toast and grind our own spices, and hand-trim each slice of beef to ensure only lean protein in every bite


ZAGAT Loves Jerky!

The ZAGAT blog just posted their profile of Kings County Jerky plus a round-up of Brooklyn’s finest food crafters!

Kings County Jerky rated “BEST!”

Premier jerky review site just gave our CLASSIC jerky their highly coveted “BEST” rating! Reviewer Steve Johnson writes one seriously in-depth review – worth a read just to see how detailed he gets!

Kings County Jerky in NY Times

NYT/NPR reporter Adam Davidson profiled us for a column about the craft business economy in the Sunday Time Magazine.

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